Hello! I’m Heather. I’m a poet.

I began writing poetry several years ago because I was a writer with commitment issues. I could start a story, but finishing it? Haha yeah, nah… My initial short-attention-span excuse developed into a complete obsession with words.

Poetry is highly empathetic. I write because I want to make a connection with people. If you read something and think that you’ve felt that, or it expresses something you haven’t been able to put on paper, I would absolutely love to hear from you. My favorite poetry to read is the kind that says what I never could.

Other facts about me:

I’m a Christian. I love my church and get really excited when I’m talking about it. Religion is by far my strongest commitment; it’s who I am. (I am very, very thankful to God for poetry. I especially love the book of Isaiah; Isaiah 40 is my favorite poem. Psalm 6 is great, too.)

I love my friends a crazy amount in an overflowing fashion. I’m also really excited when I get to know other bloggers and read their blogs. (I do happy dances. It’s quite embarrassing, actually. Don’t expect videos.)

I play guitar and practice irregularly.

I do a lot of things with irregularity. I’m also quite disorganized.

I’m part of a poetry group that meets weekly-ish (they tend to be disorganized, too). I mention them sometimes during the rare posts that aren’t poems.

(I’m a huge fan of parentheses.)

I live. I write. I try to post frequently and sometimes don’t.

I’d be elated if you stuck around.



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