Emotion Incorporation

Today, someone from the poetry group I’m in told me that when I perform my poems, I always sound slightly angry. I tend to be harder than usual on myself when it comes to personal poetry, especially emotional pieces, so the easiest emotion to express on paper and in public is a noncommittal anger, an announcement of old irritations in life.

I want more than that.

I want to both set free the part of myself that I don’t allow myself to express, the part with all these “cliché” feelings that my friend Noa Celeste has tried to tell me are not a bad thing, and to challenge myself in my writing to become more well-rounded and experienced with covering these things.

So, if anyone has suggestions and challenges about emotions and experiences I should try writing about, hearing them would be an awesome help to me! It can be anything from a specific image or setting association (such as the last time I ate at a restaurant) to a broad emotion (such as happiness). I’d love to hear y’all’s suggestions!



2 thoughts on “Emotion Incorporation”

  1. Try taking a picture of yourself and make up a story to tell about it, instead of what actually was happening at the time of the picture. Also, try writing about an experience where you felt detached, like you were watching yourself from above. Those are some things I like to do 🙂

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