Oh my goodness, thank you.

for the amazing Eliza

I didn’t ask for this
because I never thought anyone like you could exist,
and I certainly don’t deserve it,
but dang.
You are the best dragon-drawer.
You are an incredible author.
Somehow I know that you could sword fight like there’s no tomorrow
because you have enough magic to vanquish every second of sorrow,
and when I say thank you I mean you’ve made my day for my life.
When I say thank you, I mean you’re a warrior.
When I say thank you, I mean never lose my phone number,
I mean you are incredible,
I mean
I wish I could write you better poetry.

Remember the thousand times we sang?
Some nights I miss you more than anything.
Some nights I wake up having dreamed
about what might be—
a domino disaster of friendships ending; some nights
I can’t help but laugh out loud when I think
of something you’ve said.
This is it.
This is what I never thought to look for,
the way you make distance not feel like forever—
I hope you realize that I treat “best friend” as plural,
because there’s no way to rate the love I have for all of y’all,
and you are my best friend.
You are such the best.
And this is not a poem for a poem or any type of payment,
this is a flimsy attempt at saying
that you are amazing.
That right now I don’t know what I’d do without you.
That this is what I meant
when I stared at my room in eighth grade and prayed
for true friends.

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