You are the only person the universe has ever been in love with, so it’s not quite sure how to do this.

Like, if it keeps throwing you flowers and birdsong and sales at the video game store, will you notice it?

If it holds out its hand– actually, it doesn’t exactly have a hand, per say, but the tree branches always stretch towards you, and the waves leap, and the meteors reach– will you stretch your hand out to meet it? How do these things work? After watching literally every romance in the history of, well, the universe, it’s still not so sure.

If it tries to kiss you, do you, like, both lean right? Isn’t there some statistic about that? Or wait, what if you pulled back, and then the moment was seeped through in awkwardness, and then maybe you can ignore it, but it can’t freaking get away from you, it’s forced to constantly be around you, and what if this ruins everything?

Ok, just, like, don’t tell anyone, but the universe isn’t entirely sure how to kiss.

So it wouldn’t matter anyway. You rejecting it would actually end up avoiding a different awkwardness. The universe should totally thank you.

It’ll just be over here in the edges, making the monsoons come early.


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