The Pi Day Party Continues!

I thought this fit the beginning lines of the poem well. The text in the link alone contains four “ology’s”, reason enough to include it with another science-related love poem. (source)
Unfortunately, posts cannot be scheduled to the minute on the WordPress app, only to the five-minute marks, so quick! Everybody rewind your clocks by one minute and we’ll pretend this was posted at 1:59! (3.14159…)

Having a heart of stone
only makes it easier to break
Why do you think I purchase so much barbed wire?
You are painted by ashes
while I feel that I am the fire.
Do not dare quench the dryness
Do not say that volcanic ash
leads to the most beautiful plants imaginable
I do not want to get to that point;
I’ll hang suspended in the epitome of inferno
If you bring your hands too far,
you will pull away –too soon–
too scorched
The worst burns aren’t the pain,
the worst is when your nerve endings- and beginnings-
are mercilessly murdered
and you cannot feel at all.
When you forget to scream.
I don’t know if I’m more scared
of hurting you or being hurt,
if I’m more scared
of hurting you or drawing you to the point of numbness.
I am unattended-candle dangerous,
heart of flint, wood,
heart of matches,
words that are wind,
every syllable pure poisonous oxygen
pieces prepared to keep you living
impartial in their encouragement of both human and heat.
Do not be a moth.
If you are able to fly,
request surgery on your internal compass
so it points you away.
I will redirect my wind at your back;
If you keep desiring your destruction,
then until you are gone my heart is a fan blade,
my heart is a current.
Do not doubt that I will send you reeling to safety
Even as the last light
winks out.


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