Pi Day Puns and Poetry




The first thing you’re supposed to be taught
when working with microscopes
is that the closest view will
pose a risk of causing the slides to crack.
Better to stay at this distance, then,
assembling an idea of the organism I’ve encountered
by piecing together evidence of your existence– phone calls,
poetry, photographs– than to
look so closely
at something incredible
that the only opportunity

A HUGE thank you to Christie and Jennie at Words for the Year for featuring one of my poems today!! I love their sites and everything they feature, so I am super flattered and those of you who aren’t familiar with them should definitely go check out their blogs.
Here’s the link to my poem: http://wordsfortheyear.com/2014/03/14/for-every-action-by-heather-void/
You’ll want to check out the rest of Words for the Year; it’s incredible.
Here is their other Words sight, Words for the Weekend: http://wordsfortheweekend.wordpress.com

You might also want to look at Christie’s blog (http://runningonsober.wordpress.com) and Jennie’s (http://daisiesfromdust.wordpress.com).

While I’m linking, ejbfantasy wrote a wonderful Pythagorean version of Let It Go:

And Noa Celeste joined in on the nerdy love stories:

Thank you to everyone who made this Pi Day so spectacular!


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