Pre-Pi Day Planning

As you may or may not know, March 14 is Pi Day (3/14), and as you probably know, I am a huge nerd. Which means PI DAY CELEBRATION!

It is my point of view that this holiday (it’s totally a holiday) has much more merit than its one-month-earlier lovestruck cousin (plus, we had no power at my household on February 14 and I was conserving my phone battery for important stuff like texting, and thus I never got a Valentine’s Day post in), so…

I am celebrating Pi Day by posting at least five nerdy and semi-nerdy love poems throughout the day, with nerdtastic pictures from all my time wasted on the Internet that I finally get to put to good use.

I am trying to figure out the post-scheduling feature so that one poem is posted at 1:59; I really hope I can, because that would be really cool.

I would absolutely, completely, full-freak-out love it if anyone else is interested in celebrating in a similar manner, or any manner at all (knowing y’all, some were probably already planning a Pi Day post). And now that I’ve said that, I’ll feel a teeny bit silly about this whole thing if no one is interested…

If you write a Pi Day post, upload some gloriously nerdy photography or quotes, or write some nerdy stories/poems for Pi Day (romantic or otherwise), please let me know so I can bask in your fabulousness! If anyone by chance wants to guest post here, or post something of yours on both your blog and mine, let me know at heathervoidblog [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also comment a link to your post, or link this post in yours to generate a pingback, or anything. I am literature-crazy, obviously, but I’m into history, math, and some aspects of science, too (one of the poems uses only scientific metaphors and similes), and most of all, I’m interested in what you’re interested in! Bring on the math puns! (Because there will be plenty. I’ll make sure of that.)

Let us make Pi Day 2014 the best Pi Day in history!

Or at lest until next year. Because it will be 3/14/15 and I will so go crazy over it.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Pi Day Planning”

  1. I love Pi day, but I hadn’t thought about posting anything for it. That has changed, my friend! I cannot wait to read your nerdy poetry. 😀

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