Epic Poem: Part Ten

It all starts with steps;
breaking pieces traverse landscapes
without assistance
maybe this is all you have

There is a point
after which
you cannot turn around
you reached it in your driveway
there is no reason to stop now:
you have nothing to go back to
and the possibility is everything
ahead of you.
come on.
You have not failed until you arrive to emptiness
Nothing can prepare you for this
There is nothing to return for
So walk!

The world is more than fire
The world is more than flood
The world is more than them

Even if the world
was only fire,
the world was only flood,
the world was only dust of deadness,
irremovable, on your fingertips,
even if it was all only standing to fall,
starting to end,
starting to fall
over and over
and again,
even if it was only,
or if it was only them,
she is standing.


if you are so stubborn
that you will not forget-
if you won’t walk the easy way,
you have to choose something
What will you do when the world ends?



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