Upon Hearing That You’ll Be Even Farther Away

Well, maybe you can hitchhike.
Convince Apollo to lend you a ride,
create a sunrise
that I’ll want to wake up for.
Well, maybe you can fly.
Find Pegasus and give those wings a try.
Well, maybe you can ride,
approach a centaur without chronic back pain.
My yarn may not be cut,
but it sure is unravelling.
Every text message
as flimsy as candle wax
and if you can’t keep yourself
inside a perfect height
then I don’t want to be the one
waiting in the sky.
I will send every pearl necklace
as a ransom payment to Poseidon;
maybe then
you’ll come back from beside him.
I will be your Disney adaptation of Hercules,
dive into distance and drag you back out with me.
I will put a neck brace on Orpheus.
I will not let this be a tragedy
but there is no Deus Ex Machina in store for me
The Fates are fickle
and what they have spun is a list of names
and I refuse to be the same
as every story of my predecessors;
I will sit on this edge and wait.
Mail you a ball of twine
to remind you
that I will be your Hestia
because this is always your home;
I don’t care if you fall to Rome
like so many land masses and languages before you
or change your name
because you are fundamental in my galaxy.
Look up.
I have written you
the only constellation I know how to.


4 thoughts on “Upon Hearing That You’ll Be Even Farther Away”

  1. This is wonderful. Greek/ Roman mythology is my thing, and I love how you wove it into this poem. I also appreiciate you metioning the bit about Disney’s adaptation. (I find the movie to be irritatingly inaccurate.) The portrayal of feeling in this is strong and beautiful. Keep on writing!

    1. Thanks! I, too, become irritated at the vast inaccuracies, but I love Disney, so there’s an internal struggle. I chose myths for this poem because I find that there’s some comfort in knowing that aching and helplessness have been felt by everyone; emotions are universal, which sometimes annoys me, but sometimes makes the situation seem less overwhelming.

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