Epic Poem: Part One

I mentioned here earlier that one of my new year’s resolutions was to write, or at least attempt, an epic poem. I was immediately inspired today by this indescribably incredible post on Words for the Weekend, and I totally “borrowed” the title, at least for now. (I hope that’s ok.) Here is Installment One of my epic-poem-in-progress.

The Day the World Went Away

She was standing.
The palm tree was standing
in the neighbors’ yard.
The house was lying on the ground,
taking a break
in the morning
before dragging
itself up
and going to work.
The moon was standing.
She was standing.
The shambles were screaming.

25.5 miles
“What will we do when the world ends?”

Skies know how to grieve.
They ache in the open,
sores blaring to the thunder.
They writhe with every color in their arsenal,
searing out a letter:
“I will come home.”


5 thoughts on “Epic Poem: Part One”

  1. I love where you’re going with this, Heather. The greatest compliments I receive are when I hear I’ve inspired others to write.

    I can’t wait to read more.

    And the title is fine. 😉 although I know titles are always “working titles” until completion. I actually borrowed the post title from the Nine Inch Nails song in the post.

    Check out CK’s site, you’d like her poem “And we shall inherit the earth.” It should be her second most recent post.

    Next topics are: Tainted Love, and then Trees. If you’d like to contribute, you are more than welcome!
    xo, Christy

    1. I was listening to “Clair de Lune” (by Debussy, who pretty much invented impressionistic music,) while reading your poetry, and it’s amazing how perfectly they go together.

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