The day they met, she woke up
with someone else’s name in her mouth
like a nosebleed drooling down her throat.

The day they met, he had a different person
paperclipped to his peripheral vision.

It was unexpected. The day they met
was insanity.

The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results; she already wondered
how crazy they are considered:
they’ve seen the tumbleweeds of stories
that life pushes past their front yards,
every piece of straw saying, “Beware;”
every breeze announcing, “You’ve been told.”

When her brother says
that long-distance relationships are doomed to fail,
she wonders about how to categorize success:
doesn’t only one– or less–
relationship in your life NOT fail?

Yet here they are. Metal poles in a lightning storm.
Like someone screaming, “Shock me!

Hurt me. Hit me.

Here’s a hammer.”

Every memory
a warning.
They are jellyfish in a realm of sea turtles.
The day they met was insanity.

She spent every text message
like pennies left on sidewalks
trying to talk herself out of it
You don’t realize how deep an arrow is lodged
until you go to pull it out
Which hurts more?

The day they met–
he was wearing pink–
the day they met was insanity–
whether he was thinking it or not,
he said, “Don’t judge me.”
They were captivated light energy,
fireflies in lidded bowls;
with oxygen worth its weight in gold,
what do you spend it on?
Does that even equal enough?
They are only scared of the dark
because of what a bowl in the dishwasher implies.

The day they met was insanity.
The sheer probability
so small a fraction, it would’ve been rounded down to impossible
And yet,
they met,
ears ringing with every echo
of footsteps from times they’d told themselves
they shouldn’t have tried,
each second entwined
with the reality that they might never speak again,
but nine days later, holding hands:
life happens.

The day we met, I woke up
with someone else’s name in my mouth
like a nosebleed drooling down my throat.


6 thoughts on “Viewpoints”

  1. IloveitIloveitIloveit! The use of repetion hammers in the point, and the metaphors you use give you the exact feeling you’re describing. This is probably one of my favorite poems that you’ve written.

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