On Makeup

(Written after this post and the link inside of it made me start thinking more about something that I’ve been contemplating recently. I’d be really interested in hearing your opinion about this- the poem or the subject.)

I put on
this morning.
For the first time
in like
three weeks. Four? Maybe?
The last time
was the
Thursday morning
shield against the world doubling
as proof that I haven’t been crying

I put on
purple eyeshadow
this morning. (It was
a Christmas present;
I was really
excited to use it.)
I wear it
like it’s fallen starlight;
look into the mirror like
it could maybe make me
a little bit
a tantalizing thought.

I put on
this morning.

I put on
purple lipstick
this morning.
It is awesome:
it looks purple
in the tube, but
once it’s on
no one can tell.
A secret with myself.

I smiled at
the skyline
this morning.
But I tend to do that
all the time;
don’t assume
that I wear makeup
to look like
what I might
consider better, to amplify
my wild eyes,
to change.
Don’t assume that
I’m trying
to be pretty.
I look at
myself and
I’m happy-
with or without, and all throughout
different days, I act the same.

I read a book where
a character
said that makeup is a lie.
I’ve thought that, too.
I guess it’s a lie
that I’ll be living
when I want to.
I put on
when I feel like it.
When I want to
have a shield or
a random
splash of color;
hold a gaze like
they can’t meet mine;
trick my brain
Feel powerful
or sometimes
a little scary.


4 thoughts on “On Makeup”

  1. I really like this poem; I think it exemplifies how I feel about makeup. I DO NOT wear makeup often. It’s too time consuming (in my opinion) to do in the morning. (I’d rather sleep.) However, lately I have been warming up to it; I think it’s FUN to wear it for special occasions, for many of the reasons you say: to feel good about yourself, because it’s almost artistic to do, because you want to leave a certain impression. I believe in dressing nicely and using makeup FOR YOURSELF. Your friends and potential love interests will love you no matter what (if they’re worth keeping). Makeup is just a stylistic choice you should make for yourself. That’s not to say I’ve not worn makeup to impress someone… I just think makeup should be seen as an ACCESSORY rather than NECESSITY like people often portray in the media.

    1. Exactly! To everything you just said! I usually choose to sleep rather than spend time on makeup, but when I do put it on, it’s for me, not for other people. It can feel like almost an artistic action… And definitely an accessory rather than necessity. You phrased that perfectly! I’m glad you like the poem 😃

  2. I love this! You’ve captured how wearing makeup feels, how it can make you look like a million different people! Gah! I love your poetry. Sorry if I seem over-zealous, I seem to be emotional for various unidentified reasons

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