So, I’ll be all predictable…

Yay for making new year’s resolutions that I will gleefully break, ignore, overlook, and forget within mere days or hours!

I figured I might as well attempt to have some method of holding myself accountable, at least as far as poetry and writing goals go. Here they are:

1) Edit some really old poems. …At least, those that are salvageable.

2) Post more on this blog. If you haven’t realized this already, I’ll be honest: I am never going to post on a specific day. I recently discovered those cool little tools that allow you to write something and have it posted later on… But I have such a need for instant gratification that it would not work. I’ll continue to be sporadic and disorganized, but maybe it will be more frequent sporadic and disorganized posts.

3) Write some poems about buildings. Just an idea.

4) Eliminate my overuse of the word just.

5) Write an epic poem, or at least start one. I mean a real epic poem- at least 75 pages, maybe, as a goal? I might not get that far this year, but it seems like a fun long-term aspiration.

6) Write at least 300 poems this year. Not that they’ll all be posted, but writing them would be a learning experience and all that…

7) Have the confidence to be satisfied with my voice and post a video of a spoken word poem. I’ve considered doing this several times, but I don’t like the idea of having a video of me up on the Internet, and a video of darkness is boring. Maybe I can get a tech-savvy friend to help me create a video that can have my voice and some sort of other images.

8) Branch out in subject matter. Because people tend to be unreliable. I’m not making any one person the focus of dozens of poems anymore; inspiration is a fickle thing, people leave, and I want to challenge myself. Yes, it’s likely that I’ll write multiple poems about the same person, but not all of my poetry will focus on the same thing.

9) Build a stockpile of posts for summer. And figure out how to work that thing that publishes them on a certain day (hypocritical, I know). I’m fervently hoping to be part of another writing program this summer, and if I attend, there will be limited opportunities to post. I don’t want to neglect my blog for three whole weeks…

10) Comment more on other people’s blogs. Because y’all post some really awesome things.

(Bonus goal: quit starting sentences with “because.”)

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? Do you resolve to happily break them all?


8 thoughts on “So, I’ll be all predictable…”

  1. Great ideas here, and props for writing them all out! (I’ve been too lazy to seriously consider what my resolution(s) will be/if I’ll even have one).

    Commenting more is something I have been wanting to do as well; I’m just so bad at it, haha. And I totally think you should do a spoken word poem! I’ve just recently participated in an open mic night, and hearing poems is just so cool. I’ve been thinking of recording one myself.

    1. Thank you for commenting- I probably needed the push to record a spoken word poem, otherwise I might’ve backed out on the idea. I haven’t found any places that host open mic nights near where I am, but I hope there are some… I hope you do record one; if you post it, I’d be really excited to listen!

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