As if my words make sense

(Something I wrote just now over the course of a few minutes, directed to one of my friends. I probably won’t show it to her, but anyway. It isn’t edited and, like I said, it was written quickly, so it’s pretty raw and somewhat stream-of-consciousness-y, because thoughts as they fly through my head are not very sensical. I hope it captures the feeling of the events without being needlessly confusing.)

So just keep talking like
the sentences will make sense and
I’ll keep on nodding, keep nodding, I’m
still here with you, I am not nodding off,
I just
need to hear
the voice sliding from your throat
and be
and know for a second when
you put your hand on my shoulder that
our crazy four-year friendship is enough
to keep you talking (please keep
talking) like
they aren’t even
sitting over there
I didn’t
want to ask you to choose between
but when you ask if I think I’ll sit
somewhere else I say I don’t know
but I don’t because you
make it easy to ignore the insanity
swimming through my head (I think
I’m talking too loud I keep talking)
and when you silently
mouth, “Are you ok?”
I mouth back, “I don’t know.”
I’m tired of not knowing
and you place your hand on my shoulder
so keep talking like we’re fine
and keep talking and I know you care
too much to acknowledge
anyone else’s existence I guess
you know right now I need you
keep talking, tell me everything,
I never should’ve worried
that you’d ever be any less than
a beautiful support beam.


7 thoughts on “As if my words make sense”

      1. Glad you like it! I’ve got tons of other recommendations(*cough*everything they ever wrote*cough*)and I have a really creepy crush on the singer who also happens to be Colin Meloy, author of Wildwood. And 39. So he’s a liiiiittle out of my league….

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