A Non-Poetic Post. Kind of.

So, tomorrow is Christmas Day. Or today, depending on where you are. I love Christmas and the Christmas story, and I love the opportunity to celebrate my Savior’s birth. [Maybe I’ll have a festive Christmas-y poem tomorrow.]

But may I just say.

I will not be missing the mistletoe music. It seems like every other song on the radio is romantic and mushy, and I am not quite in the mood (forgive me if I start ranting). I want some Joy to the World, Away in a Manger, Silent Night… Or Amy Grant’s “I Need a Silent Night” (if you haven’t heard that song, you should check it out. It’s great). I don’t really want to hear the sappy stuff because, I’ll be honest, I was planning on being sappy. And singing the romantic mushy stuff.

And now I still have to get around to returning the Christmas present that would have been given to my now-ex-boyfriend.

Exactly two weeks before Christmas is not exactly good breakup timing. Not that there’s such a thing as good breakup timing.

I don’t do well with change;
I like plans,
and I definitely don’t like to change my plans,
especially when I was kinda really
looking forward
to the whole
Christmastime relationship thing.
But obviously
the math of relationships
isn’t equal: it only takes one person
to end it
just by wanting
it to end
but only one person
can’t keep it going
just by wanting
it to continue.

Two weeks since the end of nine weeks

Anyone have any suggestions about how I can stop thinking about this so much?

Sorry again for the halfway-poem ranting stuff.

And, oh yeah…

Merry Christmas!


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