My 100th Post!

(You know, not counting all the ones I’ve deleted over the course of these 5-and-some-fraction months…)

So. One hundred. Wow. This means I cannot go back and delete any more, because that would make this entire post a lie. Yikes…

Speaking of which, I used to just ignore the old posts or poems that I wasn’t really happy with, figuring that they were so far back, it would take a very dedicated reader to find them. But then I noticed those “related articles” links that somehow appear beneath a post… and I panicked… Click them at your own risk. Or don’t. Please don’t.

As you can see, I’m just so good at actually writing about something. (I use ellipses too often and think there should be a sarcasm font.) Despite my ineptitude at making non-poetic posts, I wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and all of the awesome people I’ve been able to meet on WordPress, as well as those I already knew. I can’t believe it will be six months of blogging on December 27th!

Love y’all!


27 thoughts on “My 100th Post!”

      1. Exactly, stumbling around is what I feel like I’m doing a lot of the time. I was very fortunate because I began my blog as a way to easily access a portfolio for a creative writing class, so I already knew 16 other brand-new bloggers. I’m amazed at how it’s expanded from there. How did you discover WordPress?

      2. It’s funny really I have a post on draft about it. I started a twitter account to play the latenite hashtag game on Jimmyfallon. Then one day I woke up and had a random follower, I followed them and they put their wordpress post on twitter one day. Since we made friends I wanted to comment on their blog but I couldn’t ”cause I didn’t have a blog. So I started one. Really a round about way of getting yourself a blog I’d say. Now I have friends around the world I talk to daily on wordpress. Crazy. πŸ™‚

      3. It really is crazy, and awesome, the way you get to know people you’d never meet otherwise. Congratulations! That’s a great milestone! I hit 76 this week and might’ve done a little happy dance right there in the kitchen… I was told once to write poetry only to please myself, but I’ve figured out that my personality is opposed to that. I love it when I find someone’s poem or post that expresses something I could not, and I want to write something that others can connect with

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