I’m overanalyzing again…

Considering that there are three words that could each be either one of two words,

that makes

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… eight possible ways your sentence could have been.

Or it might not be that way at all;

you might have said something totally different.

Unlike previous times when my mind

has practically scratched your phrases into concrete,

there was too much going on and

I was too thrown off by the question in your eyes,

the fact

that you weren’t moving even though it was where you normally have to leave

So yeah I figured you would ask something

…or just stay staring at me while people moved on around us

But I didn’t have enough awareness of your words, the fact that your mouth is moving and your eyebrows are raising


until the words have registered enough for me to comprehend but not enough for me to be sure of how you phrased it

I’m thinking it might have been could~maybe~get

because that fits best with the way you normally talk

but I don’t know, there’s also can, possibly, and have,

totaling eight combinations if that’s even how you said it at all.

Anyway point being

I’m thinking you asked,

“Could I maybe get a hug?”

but however you said it, my response

was to say nothing and hug you,

leaving it to later to worry about

forgetting word choice and the

possible pokiness of my elbows.

2 thoughts on “I’m overanalyzing again…”

  1. I have this problem, the deciphering of words, the interpreting of meaning. I always try to go with my gut, but I always doubt myself. I hope you figure it out. πŸ™‚

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