These windows always wanted to be a photographer.

They click shutters as the trees run by
on errands for their busy lives
We sit.

I watch without seeing,
imagine with little thinking

Your hand placed itself atop mine,
Your fingers play across mine
Like they are piano keys, guitar strings;
unpracticed music to make the car sing

I turn without expecting
but your eyes are angled towards me
And today is my chance to look away

But you aren’t staring forward this time

These windows have practice at acting entrancing. Their excuse is no longer needed; Nothing they’ve seen is more captivating

Clichés start out true;
You can feel a stare on you but stare
is such a harsh word, more like
you feel for the first time them truly
seeing you

I smile- not out of embarrassment even
though I’m feeling it because
your eyes don’t move away and I’m
not used to that-

But it is the most real smile I have ever seen you give, this grin

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