Does anyone else have this problem?

I just have to ask this: does anyone else have great difficulty composing an About page?

I just updated mine for the fourth time (I think; maybe more than that) since the beginning of this blog, because I wasn’t happy with it anymore, and gosh. Those things are challenging!

I don’t write a lot about myself. I write poetry about others and events, and sometimes my thoughts and parts about me, but not just a list that attempts to encompass Who I Am. I think my new About page ended up with an amount of quirky and a lack of information.

How do y’all normally handle this? What do you include on your About page; what do you want to know from others’? Is mine full of really, really random scatterings of words, or does it just seem that way to me? How can I improve it and not scare away any visitors? 🙂

Does anyone else have About page paranoia?


4 thoughts on “Does anyone else have this problem?”

  1. I didn’t really know what to put on my when we made them, so I’ve just ignored it. Probably not too much help, huh?

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