an idea

(What’s going on here: I read the beginning of Emily Dickinson’s poem “Apotheosis” recently (not for the first time, but far enough away from previous times that I didn’t remember the content) and became really excited while reading the first two lines. I had that feeling that I get when an author, poet, lyricist, whatever, has transformed my wordless ideas into something almost tangible in its ability to be explained.

Then I read the rest of it. The poem is gorgeous, of course, but it didn’t go where I expected it to, where I wanted it to. I get the metaphor behind the bees and flowers and such, but I still wanted the poem I had hoped for. So, I borrowed the first two lines and tried to make something of it. It’s not very similar to the original and not an adaptation or something… Really, it’s a completely different poem. I just credit Emily Dickinson for part of the beginning lines that completely expressed what I wanted to spin a story of.)

Come slowly, Eden!
Lips, unused to thee,
fearful- not of what you’d think-
are hesitant because they’ve never
known to see.

Come slowly, Eden,
lest we fall like drunkards into stupor
of “so…” and “yeah…”
and both.
Just breathe

Just slowly- but not
not at all; enough
that we do not
careen off
to create pillars of rubble

Dance gently;
the pressure of perfection
is not dropped across your shoulders
do not lunge
it will be fine

Come slowly, Eden,
and forget the awkwardness. I think
we both need to stop
just breathe

Come slowly, Eden!
Lips unused to thee
can be easily made accustomed
if you choose to slow
for me


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