Confessions and Side Effects

Okay, I admit:
Sometimes I wonder if one of these bloggers is actually you.
If the poetry in my reader is coming from your hands, your mind,
this person that I see almost daily
who might have a different life online.

Especially when I see a piece I particularly like-
I wonder how it’d be to know that it was from you… about me…

Sometimes I try to imagine how I’d react if you commented.
If you remembered the web address from the bottom of that email I let you read and decided to announce yourself.
What you’d say.
How I’d respond.
Do I want you to, though?
Do I want to look at you tomorrow
with the knowledge that you know
what goes on in my head?

What if you’re reading this?
What if you commented?

I have an almost-paranoid hyperactive imagination.

That would be part of the side effects I didn’t read when I signed up to take this experimental medicine called Writing.


10 thoughts on “Confessions and Side Effects”

  1. I know it’s not me, everything I write is for the same person and they know it is but there was a time I was in your position and so was the person I write for, we secretly stalked each other for over a month and it wasn’t until about a month after that we discovered that we both had done the same thing!! Anyway my point is this, we are still together after almost 2 years and I have no doubt for many many more so stay hopeful because who knows, they may just be your soulmate and right now they are thinking the same thing about you! 😊

  2. I know how you feel. I am in the same boat. I write for one person who also has his own blog here. He doesn’t know about mine though. I use this as an outlet for everything I can’t say to him. I fear that he will come across what I have written, but at the same time part of me hopes he will.

    1. Wow… When I wrote this I didn’t realize that so many people experience the same thing. I’m glad to have written something relatable and I hope our contradictory hopes work out well 🙂 best wishes for you

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