my love-hate relationship with words

You unintentionally taught me
to despise English;
every word reverberates from inside
pounds against my skull
seeps through the brain cells
that don’t ever return. It makes me feel.
When you’re talking to me, it makes me
Thus you instructed me
in the way of language loathing
when nothing can begin to encompass
within a letter
or alphabet
of unoriginality
You taught me.
English is inadequate but
I don’t know enough
(of any other, either.)
I try to write my thoughts
That was always my “thing”
If I don’t have words, what have I?

“thoughts. feeling. the taste of rain.a hot lamp on your forehead”


5 thoughts on “my love-hate relationship with words”

  1. Very nice. I especialy like the line “If I don’t have words, what have I.” I love how descriptive it is.

    1. Thanks! That tends to be my mindset, but when I asked it rhetorically, the reply was the quote that I put beneath it. I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that I don’t always have to know what to say, how to describe everything…

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