be nice campaign


There’s a quote I really love that says that revolution can’t be planned.

We’ll sweep the world off of its feet…

Starting in a high school,

of all the places to find people who are now dedicated to the idea of spreading niceness, determined to see this through.

Who would’ve thought?

The images are from a silent discussion on bullying which took place today during the meeting of a poetry group I am involved with.

Less than fifteen people and our social media,

but we want to change the world.

There should be something starting on tumblr and twitter; I will post updates, including the hashtag we decide on.

I wanted to bring this to the attention of WordPress, since from my experience, it seems to be one of the nicest places online.

But we can all get a little nicer, right?









6 thoughts on “be nice campaign”

  1. This is amazing 🙂 Although I’ve never had people go nuts bullying me, I’ve been called names and made fun of :/ and in kindergarten, I’m pretty sure that I was discluded because I was Asian. Anyways, I like that you’re helping to spread kindness, cuz there isn’t enough in the world 🙂

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