If We Were Flash Fiction…

If someone somewhat crazy ever dared
to undertake the daunting task of
fitting us into
however many paragraphs~

If we were flash fiction, where
would it begin?
“Start as close to the end as possible”
In media res
would it begin
In the next to back row of the
movie theater
With two hands on the edge
of their seats
fingers drifting in measurements of
microns until-

Or would the first scene
flitting across the pages begin
56 days before then, with
your phone number scrawled down

Or (31 days after the phone number,
25 days before the theater)
when you offered me your jacket-

Would there be foreshadowing?~
snippets in sentences
revealing some things
before everything
Or would it just be an immersion
into the moment chosen-
Which moment could an author choose
Even my imagination
never expected reality’s shocks-

That’s why it would be a difficult
lightning bolt to spin-
It can flash, but
it wouldn’t be fiction anymore

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