When Everything’s Altered

it echoes,
he says it~ I say it~ he says it~
the only word we can find.
Laced with oversimplicity
and avoidance
About last Friday- last Friday- last
a hand
palm upturned
eyebrows raised
I pause-

“Yes? No? Maybe?”
anticipating cautiously-
the same expression on his face
as last Friday- last Friday-
when he asked and I
said no
that crestfallen sort of look
but then I finished my sentence
It clicked in his mind
“No, I wouldn’t mind…”

“Sure,” I say and
my hand meets his
for fleeting seconds amid
the chaos of such a hallway
I never thought that we- could be-
holding hands in front of–
did he care if his friends would see?-
crowds dividing between
split apart
back to just walking
but remembering that Friday happened
seems safer now
more approachable memories
we can just walk
act like we aren’t thinking

the same thing, quite explicably
it all falls,
but into place this time
And look, I’m writing now,
there’re words, even if
we can’t quite say them yet


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