My Latest Poetic Experiment

I’ve been happily experimenting with haiku today. Some of them are traditional format, and others are sentence haikus (the syllable break would be in the middle of a word). It’s something a little different for me, since I’m typically opposed to structure, so tell me what you think! 🙂

1. Soda

I drank the sea
without really tasting it
and still slept til six

2. Today

Peach slices with lunch
before the green tea. I’m out
of everything

3. Rose-Colored Telescope Lenses

All my stars still take
their sweet little time. It’s mine
to decide. I don’t.


Break open the mirror again. It worked enough the first time we tried.


I always want to start a poem with the word whispers. I don’t know.

6. Sailor’s Left Behind

The boat is still waiting outside. I know; you’ve made up your mind. Godspeed

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