A Void of Heather

(in response to the daily prompt)

Heather, flourishing
wilting, dying
watery renewal
Droughts and storms
clinging to roots that rip apart rocks
I like to stay planted.
In one place and feel safe
for a moment
Not lost in crowds of your city-dreams

Void, if altered unrecognizable
a cavernous gap between personalities
You cannot reach across it
to grasp a part of me
Randomly plucked from a pile
It sits awaiting something
But that falls to never resurface
Screams to falter and become again

A void of heather
Endless emptiness of flowers
Something crazily comprehensible
Barely held lightly upon fingertips
Lest it flies away too soon
Flowers to fill
the holes within
Something alive
To drown out the dark

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