More and More Daily

(composed August 7)

missing memories scattered across blue index cards

part of me wants to throw away the forlorn

abandoned stick figure I put her in a drawer

I had myself convinced that I’d moved on

why doesn’t anyone tell you how much it sucks wait

they did I didn’t

listen thought I’d never take a chance like that

guess what- I took a chance on that

and my poems are sagging like clouds full of rain I need

some sarcasm! someone please make me mad!

anything but all this sad and I’ve

given up on commas we’ll see how I deal with

that essay tomorrow but for now I need

uninterrupted rambling announcing Warning

girl with a ruptured heart wow there’s a shocker I

know right I’m pathetic huh just hoping to snap already

…out of it I mean. yeah

close the drawer close the door sung amid hopefuls

something ran away I think it’s at your house but I

don’t know how to get there so…


for a lot it seems


2 thoughts on “More and More Daily”

  1. You are not pathetic. You are heartbroken. BIG difference. Also, might I just say that I LOVE your writing! I get excited everytime I see you have a new post.

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