When Boots Don’t Serve Their Purpose

I am an adoring fan of cowboy boots. They’re big, they’re heavy, they remind me of my three years of horseback riding, they’re pretty, and they add an extra two inches to my already-tall self! It’s awesome!

Sadly, though, I cannot wear these beautiful boots every day. I’ve found that the best thing about them is the confidence they give me- these things give nice and loud footfalls and make it hard to hide, so I have to own myself and walk like I know what I’m doing. The only thing I don’t like about cowboy boots is…

They’re slow.

So, sometimes, you need to do more than walk. You need to lace up those black tennis shoes and sprint the heck outa there.

Having the ability to walk away from a situation you feel you shouldn’t be in is great. It’s amazing, and I commend you. But I cannot walk. When I’m walking, it feels too painstakingly slow, too much time to think. When I’m walking, I can feel everyone staring at me and become conscious of every little movement. When I’m walking, there’s time to look back.

Yes, my boots were made for walking, and most days, it makes me feel amazing. But recently, I’m feeling the need to dash away from this and never glance behind me.

These sneakers were made for running, and I’m finally ready to fly.

This post was in response to the daily prompt. Some great responses from other bloggers:

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