I want to un-cliché-ify my life

(Warning: this is how my thoughts sound when I’m upset, and I was past the point of attempting to find alternate words for this poem. All of my poems are worded the way my thoughts are, but, well, thoughts change with emotions sometimes.)

I Want to Un-cliché-ify my Life

I mean, really.
Too many novels
where the same spiel goes on
and on and on
about her only wanting him to be happy
and it sounds SO FREAKIN STUPID
and I’m so annoyed with myself.
I thought I’d be many things,
but I never want to be cliché
Seriously, she’s right. I should punch him
in the face. Or at least
want to
and I was angry
for a short while
a very short while
As in, a day. Yeah.
Sure, it’s not like he did anything wrong
but it hurts
and I feel like I should be angry at someone,
at least myself,
but I’m not
and I really want her to like him back
so he will have something to make him smile
Since obviously, I can’t do that.

Posting something this raw is something I haven’t really tried, so feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂 Unless I scared you beyond words with the screaming. In that case, I apologize.


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