Looking at Life Through New Lenses

(not my photo; found it on Google a while ago)

I never knew that it was normal to differentiate
between blades of grass
until yesterday
and I can now read those boards
with the interchangeable black letters
They’re strong glasses
thick lenses, thick frames
black with a red rose on each side
and obviously, a stronger prescription
The clarity prodded my brain to make connections
what else have I been missing
grass blades and people’s pains and I had
a conversation with you in my head don’t look at
me like that it was just a prediction of your
response based on characteristics and ideas
so it took a pair of glasses to try to move forward okay
but my boots are still stuck in the mud
and I don’t want to leave them
I promise that one day I’ll write a poem that is
neither to you or about you
but that’s not happening right now
I need something to stay the same
because new lenses bring headaches


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