We’ll Blow Their Minds One Day

Earlier, I posted an idea about a writing a collection of posts on the topics of shyness, being quiet, and standing up for oneself/others. I had readers (it was two people, which means I can use a plural noun) say they would be interested in that, so now I shall take my idea and run- with it this time, not away from it.

First things first: being quiet is not the same as being shy. I choose to be quiet. I enjoy being a quiet person. The world needs people who will listen and offer well-thought-out input when they choose to just as much as it needs people to be passionate in a loud way and accomplish goals using other methods. The world needs people to take notes and share their notes and opinions with their friends as much as it needs the people who deliver the speeches.

Shyness, however, is different. Shyness is a quality I do not like to see in myself. I’m working on it, but it affects everything. For example, reading out loud is an activity I happen to enjoy. It offers the possibility of bringing the characters further to life, and that fascinates me. But I have never wanted to read anything aloud in class because the very idea of it petrifies me. I’ve mentioned a writing class I attended this summer; even there, among accepting people who’d been nothing but kind to me, where I could be myself, I was incredibly nervous when chosen to read. Being quiet doesn’t equal being shy, but I am both.

For any of you naturally outspoken or louder folks who are reading this, another shocking tidbit: quiet people can scream. A naturally louder person knows how to sit silently, listen, whisper, and lower their voice, so it stands to reason that a person who is naturally quieter knows how to shout, raise their voice, make a fuss, or simply state their point in a more animated manner with a higher volume.

This all seems obvious, but I cannot tell you how upsetting it was when my friends said I was quiet and reserved- I thought myself to be loud and silly around them. It’s also irritating when people are shocked that I’m involved with drama and enjoy singing and having a lead part.

These are the basics, I suppose; things to keep in mind as you read my thoughts in the future. Of course, you may be a quiet person like me, and know this all too well. I just decided to give some foundation before launching into my opinions tomorrow.

As always, I hope to hear your perspectives (and some synonyms for “quiet,” if any come to mind).


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