A Visit to Frederica

I’ve always been crazy for history
And this national park was perfect for me
To take a step back into past lives and years
To see where these people had their hopes and fears
And gaze upon these ancient trees
With Spanish moss blowing in the breeze
If you look closely into the distance here
You can faintly glimpse a herd of deer
So the whole setting seems peaceful, serene
A haven for a book-loving teen
But as the wind picks up and the rain comes down
I think that someday this might be the fate of my town-
All ruins and scraps, a place of the past
Because none of our buildings will truly last
So it shall be foundations, remnants of bone,
For some future girl to wander alone
As she wonders who might have once lived here
Wonders about my hope, joy, and fear
And might watch a video, etch her name on a wall
Then leave to remember-or forget- it all
When I’m just a story, my life just one piece
Of grander things, well, I hope they’ll mention me
Is this all that I’m living for, then?
To be a name in a film of what has once been?
When our homes are gone, will our stories survive?
It puts into perspective my worries in life
So my only hope for this museum-to-be,
The remains of our lives, now just history,
Is that if they see my story fit to be told
You’ll be in it, proof that I was once bold
And dared to inform you of all that I feel
So we might stand side by side on a future movie reel


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