Sensory Exercise

Alex cautiously raised the shiny brass knocker and brought it down onto the door.  She swallowed nervously, the acidic taste of her own paranoid saliva making her shudder.  The door opened just as she was craning to glimpse her house from here, desperately calculating the time it would take to run…

The elderly woman was slightly hunched.  Her shoulders attempted to droop; her hands were withered.  She didn’t look dangerous at this age, not now.  In fact, she seemed deceptively imbecilic.  The spark in her eye, however, told of long-ago, legendary days.  Alex tried not to choke on the overwhelming smell and taste of the woman’s heavy, expensive perfume.  She sat down gingerly on the stiff velvet couch, wary of the creaking wooden floors.  The antique cabinets and jeweled knick-knacks were all polished to perfection.

Alex accepted a delicate cup of strong, exotic tea, the scent washing over her.  The air was permeated by a general smell of old, of value.  The girl’s focus turned to her hostess.  She could practically hear the dust collecting on the books and silken curtains, part of the expansive history of a grand and lengthy career.  This frail woman was now Alex’s mentor.  A thief.


4 thoughts on “Sensory Exercise”

  1. This is the beginning of something awesome! I want to know more about this thief-spinster.

    Also, I wanted to tell you: do they have Forensics / Speech at your school? If you’re not already in it, I’d check it out, particularly the category Creative Expression….

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